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Should you rent or buy your new home?

What makes people want to buy a home?

Privacy, proximity to family and friends, ambiance, environment and a sense of community all contribute to the emotional side. Tax breaks, transportation, amenities, and the opportunity to build equity are also factors. But the number one reason people buy homes is the desire to own a home, with the desire for more space a close second.

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Cash Deals for Homes Reach Record With Boomers Retiring

Mike Trafton bought a house in a suburb of Boise, Idaho, where he plans to retire. He made the deal without signing a stack of mortgage papers.

Trafton, 55, and his wife Cindy, 54, paid $400,000 in cash for the 3,200-square-foot house in Eagle after selling their 4,400-square-foot home in a Portland, Oregon, suburb for $680,000. Like a growing number of baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, the Traftons had no desire to get a mortgage.

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